Acera a Casa del Maslow (About Casa del Maslow)

At opposite ends of a split level ranch house are a music recording studio, and a mixed media art studio.


In the middle is Casa del Maslow's guest room, frequently hosting travellers overnight before departure out of MCI airport, literally two turns and 9.5 miles from driveway to terminal.

One could say we operate as such an exclusive, private bed and breakfast experience for a very select group of family/friends, including use of our third/fourth driveway parking spaces while away to save on parking fees, and shuttle to/from the airport if it jives with our schedules.

We're not in the business of, well, conducting business for starters. We are naturally offering these types of "services" as anyone frequently would when their home includes a guest room. There are of course plenty of other rules and stipulations. We don't want bedbugs, for example.

For full details, as always, use the contact form and a member of the household will get in touch.

Casa del Maslow Recording Studio
Casa del Maslow Recording Studio

Escape, hole up, compose and record.

8-16 Track Analog-to-Digital
Drum Room, Vocal Isolation
Boutique amplifiers
Wide array of instruments on hand
Preferred Guest Accomodations
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Plex Media Server
We operate a Plex Home Media Server with terabytes of Movies, Music and More
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Rage Kage
Rage Kage Korner
We'll corner K.J. and squeeze some copy from her to include here, and then fix her up in her own little quadrant of the dot com.
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